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Cease the Grease

Invasion of the Grease Monster

Grease Transporters

Cleaning the grease trap involves vacuuming up all the contents, scraping the built-up grease on the walls, and sucking up the remainder while rinsing with a pressure washer. A properly cleaned grease trap should have nothing left in it.

The Wastewater And Treatment Education Roundtable would like to thank Trimble Environmental Services for its help with the June 2016 regional inspection training workshop. The site visit coordination and videos helped municipal staff gain real-world experience and furthered their understanding of the process.

Grease interceptor municipal training workshop, June 2016.
Grease interceptor municipal training workshop, June 2016.


Did You Know?

Dallas Sanitary Sewer Cleaning TruckGrease and grease clogs cost cities and municipalities millions of dollars annually.

If a problem occurs in the main sewer line due to grease and the inspector can trace the source back to your business (which is not very difficult to do), you will be fined to pay for the repairs.


Dallas Public Works Crew Cleaning Grease Out Of Sewer Line 


The Manifest or Trip Ticket

All grease haulers must maintain a manifest or recordRestaurants, grease haulers, and grease renderers are all required to maintain a record or a manifest about the origin and destination of all grease produced.